5 signs of a great bookkeeper

 A bookkeeper is a bit just like a GP – there’s one on every corner, but great ones are hard to find. Moreover, when you choose to do find one, you must never let them go. However, how will you know if your bookkeeper is good or better still, a great bookkeeper?

Let’s focus on what every bookkeeper should be before we look at what makes a great bookkeeper.

Training and accreditation

Every bookkeeper must have some formal bookkeeper or accounting training and preferably be a signed up BAS Agent. A recorded BAS agent means that the Tax Practitioners Plank are satisfied that the bookkeeper gets the required skills, certification and a minimum amount of experience to appropriately take into account GST and prepare your BAS regarding legislation.


Like most pros, the less experienced and less qualified bookkeeper will usually be cheaper. However, judging bookkeepers by price is fraught with risk. If you are simply comparing hourly rates, a highly experienced bookkeeper will usually seem costlier. This is not true because most experienced bookkeepers will also work significantly faster and smarter than someone who has less experience.

Great bookkeepers understand your process

He or she will take the time to essentially understand your business, and how you operate so they can make sure that the processes are as simple and efficient as you possibly can, and there is nothing missed or duplicated. They will be able to see areas that may be streamlined in your small business.

Great bookkeepers ask questions

Many business owners find questions irritating. However, to ensure transactions are effectively allocated, it is best that your bookkeeper asks questions somewhat than aguess. Among my IT clients experienced a bookkeeper who allocated computer buys to ‘Computer Equipment’ in the total amount sheet alternatively than hardware buys in ‘Cost of Goods Sold’.

Great bookkeepers know very well what they do not really know

Not merely do they know what is legally within their opportunity (e.g. BAS Agencies are not allowed to give any income tax or FBT advice) nonetheless they are also not worried to state “I do not know” somewhat than stress about looking silly and can contact your accountant for advice.

Great bookkeepers do the research

A sign of an extremely great bookkeeper is one who is up to date on what is occurring in the bookkeeping, accounting and technology areas. The bookkeeping and accounting industries have evolved significantly within the last few years credited to changing technologies.

Your bookkeeper should be trying to explain to you and motivating you to use technology to save lots of money and time by automating techniques with cloud accounting plans.

Great bookkeepers are people you can trust

Finally, the relationship between a customer and a bookkeeper is sacred. Many people will not share their financial details with friends or even family, yet this person is privy to everything – especially if you are employing one take into account business and personal but that is another article completely.

Be sure you like your bookkeeper, that you trust them and feel safe being completely honest with them.

Your bookkeeper cannot help you get the most out of your accounts if you are not completely clear with them. Visit this site for more information : bookkeeperco.com.au

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