Tax late? 5 signs you might need a bookkeeper

Some businesses, massive and small, don’t assume they have to use a bookkeeper. For thousands of companies, they run successfully throughout the year however keeping up-to-date with the most recent method of accounting may be an enormous problem. More and more businesses are encountering issues with their accounting systems and want to look at outsourcing to a bookkeeper.

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But, when exactly does it become worth hiring a bookkeeper?

This can be completely different for everyone and each business. The solution isn’t what quantity you turnover, but rather it’s concerning your situation, your level of monetary experience and also the complexness of the business.

    1. You are too busy to Your Invoicing

We’ve all heard the mantra ‘cash is king’. The minute you get too busy to transfer invoices then income can suffer and there’s a risk invoices may be fully missed altogether.

  1. When customers aren’t being chased for cash

Another key sign is when your customers aren’t paying and you don’t have time or you don’t wish to chase them because you don’t wish to risk the relationship. Where attainable t is smart idea to separate the face of the business with the debt collection – the old good cop/bad cop. It helps keep the client relationship warm and fuzzy nonetheless keeps the moneycoming backin the door.  Click here.

  1. When things become more complicated

When you hire workers or sub-contractors you are getting into an entire new realm of business. The laws increase exponentially as soon as you take on employees. A frequent misconception is that if you onlyhire contractors and not workers then the rules don’t apply. This is oftenfar from true and every situation should be assessed one by one – particularly if your contractor only provides labor. Professional bookkeepers are up to date with the legislation and may advise you what your legal obligations are.

  1. If you’rereally behind in your bookkeeping

In this case you’re probably missing claiming GST paid back from the ATO or deductions on your tax returns. Many folks don’t notice there are deadlines stipulating how long after the event you can actually claim. As well as missing claims, being behind in your bookkeeping may result in you making decisions based on figures that are incomplete or wrong. In this scenario you cannot create educated, informed decisions – choices that the future of your business could also becounting on.

  1. If you’reconsistently late lodging BAS or tax returns

The ATO are getting serious regarding late lodgments, with fines of up to $850 for every late lodgment. If you’re consistently late along with your lodgments, then engaging a bookkeeper pays for itself. Fines and penalties are not tax deductible – professional BAS agent’s fees are.

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